Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Landlord offers a young woman a rent-free apartment in return for SEX

A sleazy landlord in Wales was caught on hidden camera offering a woman rent for free in return for sexual favours.Image result for Property for rent in Wales
'Rent for sex' is a new phenomenon that is sweeping areas such as Wales where landlords will offer reduced or free rent in return for another form of payment.
These lone landlords will list their properties on Craigslist and advertise them under the guise that they are 'rent free' for an 'alternative payment'.
A man was caught on hidden camera offering an undercover reporter free rent if she had sex with him once a week. The interaction can be seen tonight on S4C, ITV Wales' programme Ein Byd.
He advertised is property in Cardiff on Craigslist for £650 per month, but he said 'a reduced deposit/rent' was available for 'alternative payments'.
The landlord met undercover investigator Siân Thomas who was posing as a female interested in the arrangement.
She caught on hidden camera how he thought the arrangement would work if she chose to move into his property.
During the meeting, he offered a one-bedroom annex for the payment of sex once a week.
In the video the landlord said: 'I don't want to suggest anything that makes you run a mile but I want to help you out.
'I don't know if you have heard of a sort of a friends with benefits sort of arrangement.'
t is not illegal for someone to post an advert on websites such as Craigslist about these type of arrangements. But it is illegal for someone to enforce the arrangement under the Sexual Offenses Act 2003.
The law states it is a crime when a person causes someone else to become a prostitute.
Ein Byd reporter Siôn Jenkins contacted the landlord after the meeting to ask him for his comment on the arrangement.
The landlord responded in an email begging the news organisation to not publish the footage and 'expose him as a monster'.
He said: 'I should have trusted my gut and not done this. I’m such a fool, but this will ruin everything I have left everywhere.'

How Emirates crew beat, tied up 71-year-old Nigerian on board for sitting in wrong seat

A 71-year-old Nigerian grandpa, David Ukesone, has recounted a raw deal that he had from the crew of Emirates airline while flying from Dubai to Chicago.
He was punched in the face, his mouth taped and bound like a prisoner for eight hours on his trip to reunite with his family.

His offence was that he got into a dispute with the flight attendants over his seat number. And then, as Mail Online reported, matters escalated.
Ukesone said he hadn’t been on a plane in over 35 years.
‘He apparently sits in the wrong seat and was told to change seats by a flight attendant,’ attorney Howard Schaffner told ABC News. ‘He didn’t think he was in the wrong seat and there was an argument and, at some point, he was hit.’
Emirates Airlines, in a statement released Monday, confirmed the incident.
‘Emirates can confirm that a passenger on flight EK235 from Dubai to Chicago on 23 January had to be restrained by cabin crew due to unruly behavior during the flight. The passenger was handed over to the authorities on arrival in Chicago. The safety of our passengers and crew is of the utmost importance and will not be compromised. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the other passengers on the flight for their understanding, in particular the individuals who had assisted our crew during the flight.’
However, his lawyer said, he had no issue traveling from Nigeria to Dubai until he began the second leg of his trip.
Ukesone boarded the flight after his layover in Dubai with the boarding pass assigning him to seat 35D. He was joining his wife who immigrated four months earlier.
His adult son and daughter had also immigrated to the US.
The incident unfolded after Ukesone went to the bathroom and got in the wrong seat after he returned.
His attorney says he sat ‘very close’ to 35D.
Ukseone understands English, but not perfectly. When the argument ensued between himself and the flight crew, his lawyer says, he was very confused.
‘He was asked to move and he wants to take his bag in the overhead compartment with him,’ the attorney said.
‘They told him he was in the wrong seat and they laid hands on him to move him and that’s when everything escalated,’ Schaffner said.
The argument continued to escalate and the flight crew allegedly struck him ‘at least once’ and left a ‘large welt on his face,’ according to his lawyer.
He also claims he was left alone for the remaining eight hours of the flight and was not given food or water.
His attorney alleges his mouth remained taped shut the entire time.

How an Herbalist sells baby for 650,000 naira to desperate barren client

An 38-year old herbalist, Emmanuel Chigozie, has been arrested in Abuja over allegation that he was selling new born babies to his barren clients at the rate of 650,000 naira.Image result for Newly born baby
Chigozie, according to report was arrested by operatives of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) and the Department of State Services (DSS) on Saturday after weeks of surveillance.
The herbalist mode of operations is to administer concoctions to his female clients who were desperately seeking to have their own children and thereafter offered to sell other people’s babies to them.
Chigozie was said to be the owner of Akuchi Herbal Concept at New Nyanya, Abuja.
The lid over Chigozie’s operations was lifted when one of his client was arrested by the police at a checkpoint between Abuja and Minna, Niger State, some weeks ago.
The woman, whose name could not be ascertained, was reportedly found with a baby, discovered not to belong to her and she later confessed to the Police who detained her.
The woman who confessed to be Chigozie’s patient and claimed that the herbalist administered some herbs to her after years of infertility and later directed her to meet a syndicate in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where the baby was handed over to her.
The NAPTIP Head, Press and Public Relations, Josiah Emerole, confirmed the incident.
He said, “He warned the woman not to go to any hospital and directed her to Port Harcourt where a baby was handed over to her. She confessed to paying the suspect the sum of N650,000 for his services.
“He has been arrested and he is being investigated for sale of human beings and child trafficking. The NAPTIP Director-General, Julie Okah-Donli, has warned women to stop patronising such herbalists as the sale of babies is a crime punishable by law.
“We advise couples who wish to adopt a child to go through the legal means as anything short of this is legally and morally wrong. Some of these babies were abducted from their biological parents and sold off against their wish.”

Monday, 29 January 2018

Fake news started from the Bible, Pope Francis

Pope Francis has said the first fake news dated from the biblical beginning of time when Eve was tempted to take an apple from the Garden of Eden, based on disinformation from the serpent.
Pope denounced fake news as “evil,” comparing it to the snake in the Garden of Eden, and urged journalists to make it their mission to search for the truth.
In his annual social communications message, Francis said fake news played on stereotypes and prejudices, and praised efforts to make social media users aware of false reports.
“The strategy of this skilled ‘Father of Lies’ is precisely mimicry, that sly and dangerous form of seduction that worms its way into the heart with false and alluring arguments,” he said of the snake.
He called for a shared commitment to rediscovering the “dignity of journalism” and for reporters to speak the truth with work that was “truthful and opposed to falsehoods, rhetorical slogans, and sensational headlines.”
The message made no reference to how some public figures, most notably the US president, Donald Trump, often label unflattering or critical reports “fake news” to try to discredit the information.
During his recent trip to Chile and Peru, Francis faced the worst protests of his five-year papacy, as well as the worst press.
He went into the trip facing criticisms for having appointed a bishop accused by victims of being complicit in covering up for Chile’s most notorious paedophile priest, and was then harshly criticised in the Chilean media for having accused those victims of “slander.”
Before Francis became pope, he was known for his frosty relations with the Argentinian media.
While chatting with reporters aboard the papal plane, he admitted he hated giving interviews and joked: “And look at the job God gave me now.”
Francis has learned as pope to use the media to get his message across, but he still frequently complains about what he considers one-sided reporting and what he has dubbed the “sins of the media: disinformation, slander and defamation.”

Saturday, 27 January 2018

How Stephanie Otobo was paid to blackmail Apostle Suleman

Stephanie Otobo, remember her, the Canada-based singer who accused the popular preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries of amorous relationship has recanted her story, saying she was paid by powerful politicians and pastors to blackmail the cleric.
In a twist to the story she had maintained since March last year, she said she was paid to lie, opening herself to the risk of being convicted for blackmailing Suleman.
The singer in a trending video said she was approached and paid by politicians and some pastors to blackmail Apostle Suleiman.
She said during a church programme in Auchi she fell for their bait because she wanted to further her career.
Otobo made the disclosure before Suleiman’s church congregation in Auchi, Edo state.
She was also shown asking for forgiveness from the cleric and his wife. This was drowned by the voices of protest by the congregation.
Otobo, last year March at a briefing with journalists in Lagos revealed what allegedly transpired between her and the Edo based cleric.
She said apart from frolicking with the pastor in Lagos, she had sex escapades with him in the United States, Italy and revealed how they arranged their meetings and payments she received.
It was not clear what will happen to the libel case Suleiman instituted against her in a Lagos court. Stephanie is also facing a police charge of blackmailing Suleiman.The case was heard on Thursday in Lagos, during which Stephanie asked the court to compel Suleiman to allow an examination of his penis. Saharareporters was joined as a defendant in the case, along with her.
In the counter-claim filed on her behalf by her lawyer, Festus Keyamo, Otobo denied the allegation of libel against the preacher.
Miss Otobo stated that Apostle Suleiman was aware that she is resident in Canada and not Lagos as he claimed. She explained that sometime in 2015, she called the preacher for counseling after she attended his crusade in Canada.
During the course of her phone conversation with Apostle Suleiman, she introduced herself to him that she lives in Canada, studying and working at the same time. She said she was surprised at how the pastor was flirtatious on the phone instead of providing spiritual counseling.
She further stated afterwards, Apostle Suleman started calling her and in one of the telephone conversations, he claimed his wife does not give him enough attention because she is too devoted to the worship of God. She claimed that it was the preacher that lured her into the amorous affair, inundating her with various cash gifts. She said she will present evidence of money transfers into her account by the preacher.

Miss Otobo said what she did was to react to claims by Apostle Suleiman that she was a stripper and prostitute all in a bid to discredit her, using some blogs and paid media men. She added that she only instructed her solicitors to privately write to Apostle Suleiman on his breached promise to marry her.
Miss Otobo asked the court to declare as libelous a publication on the website of Apostle Suleiman’s church as well as a press release he issued and caused to be published on www.naija.ng and the online edition of the Sun Newspaper.
The young woman is also seeking an order restraining Apostle Suleiman from further publishing libelous materials against her. She is also asking the court to award aggravated and exemplary damages against the preacher from whom she also wants the court to extract a public apology.
The police in March last year had docked the 24 year-old Stephanie at a Tinubu Chief Magistrates’ Court, and accused her of conspiracy, blackmail, threat to life and an intent to steal.
She was charged along with a 43 year-old, man identified as Wisdom Godstime.
The prosecutor, M. A Animashaun, informed the court that the defendants and others at large committed the alleged offence on February 14, 2017, at about 10:30am, at Police College, Ikeja Lagos.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Man kills businessman after collecting 2 mln naira for property

Nigerian Police has arrested a 40-year-old man, Festus Chuka, and an accomplice, Evans Odiwe, for allegedly killing a businessman, Innocent Nwankwo, over 2 million naira property deal in Delta State.It was learnt that Nwankwo had paid Chuka the money to buy property for him in Asaba, the state capital.Chuka denied receiving a credit alert from his bank after the victim paid the money, which started an argument between them.
The victim, who lived in Anambra State, was said to have informed Chuka that he would travel down to meet him in Asaba with a deposit slip showing that he paid into Chuka’s bank account.
Our correspondent was told that the suspect gave the victim a meeting point, as they agreed to meet on January 7 to resolve the issue.
Meanwhile, Chuka was alleged to have hired Odiwe and some others with 100,000 naira to kill the businessman upon his arrival.
Nwankwo, who was unaware of the impending danger, was said to have arrived at the meeting venue from where Chuka lured him to a lonely place where the gang members were waiting.
He was reportedly attacked and killed; and the suspects fled the scene afterwards.
Chuka and Odiwe were among suspects paraded at the police command headquarters on Wednesday.
The state Commissioner of Police,  Muhammad Mustafa, told journalists that the two suspects were arrested after painstaking efforts by the police.

“Sometime in 2017, one Innocent Nwankwo, now deceased, of Nzemeghebo Crescent, Awada, Anambra State, paid the sum of 2 million naira into a Diamond Bank belonging to one of the suspects, Festus Chuka, for property in Asaba. But Chuka denied receiving the money.
“On January 5, 2018, the victim informed the suspect that he would come to Asaba with the deposit slip of the payment. The next day, Chuka hired the second suspect, Evans Odiwe, for the sum of N100,000 to kill the deceased on arrival at Asaba.
“On Sunday, January 7, 2018, when the deceased arrived at Summit Junction, Asaba, he met Chuka, who immediately took him to a pre-arranged lonely place, where the victim was killed by the duo of Chuka and Odiwe and others now at large. The suspects, who fled the scene after the dastardly act, were later arrested by detectives and they have confessed to the crime.”

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Prophet’ arrested for kissing wife, home-help

A Tanzanian prophet, Nabii Tito, has been arrested by the police days after sharing photos of himself kissing his wife and home-help.
Photos of Nabii Tito kissing the two went viral on the social media and irked quite a number of Tanzanians who called him out for his behaviour.
According to the police, Tito’s arrest was not based only on kissing his wife and home-help, but he has also been drinking alcohol while preaching, online medium, Tuko, states.
Confirming the arrest, IGP Simon Sirro said Tito was arrested following public complaints and will be “dealt with accordingly.”
“We have arrested Tito’s prophet today in Dodoma over the unruly behaviours he has been involved in, which was reported to us,” he said.
Tito’s arrest was lauded by a cross-section of Tanzanians who congratulated the police for arresting the self-acclaimed man of God.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Headteacher warns pupils he will give them 'worse references' for university if they have boyfriends or girlfriends

A leading public school headteacher has warned pupils he will give them a 'worse reference' for university - if they have a sweetheart in school.
Toby Belfield, principal at £34,500-a-year Ruthin School in Wales, wrote in an email to staff that he 'strongly disapproves' of pupils being in romances with each other.He warned a list of sanctions against would-be school sweethearts - including expulsion and marked-down uni references.
Mr Belfield said anyone in year 11 or the lower sixth form usually aged 15 to 17 would be expelled if found to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in school.
In his email to staff, Mr Belfield said: 'School is not the place for romantic relationships - ever.
'I STRONGLY disapprove of any boyfriend/girlfriend relationships - and it will ALWAYS affect any university reference I write (meaning - any student in a relationship will definitely get a worse reference from me).
'Relationships can start at university - not at Ruthin School.
'I will be talking to staff and, as in previous years, I will put together a list of any student with a boyfriend or girlfriend. These students - if in L6 (lower sixth form) or F5 (year 11) can expect to find new school in September.
'There are plenty of students that wish to attend Ruthin School without the diversion of romance - and these students can replace those students whose focus is on bf/gf relationships.'
Mr Belfield is headteacher of the ancient fee-paying school in Ruthin, North Wales, which is ranked number 12 in the Times 2017 A Level League Tables.
In February last year leaked emails to staff showed him ranting about female pupils wearing skirts that 'look like they are going to a nightclub' and 'pathetic students pretending to be ill', after looking for ways to dismiss students whose parents had already paid their fees.
In the past has branded Labour's education system in Wales as 'one of the weakest in the world' - and attacked its insistence on forcing all children to learn the Welsh language.
Mr Belfield, principal of the 700-year-old Ruthin School, said Welsh education is 'not fit for purpose' and is leaving children 'educationally weaker' than their English counterparts.

Belfield laid the blame at the doorstep of the Labour-controlled Labour Government who have devolved control of education.
Speaking today after the leaked emails were published, the head teacher said he would not 'hamper students' chances' if they were in a relationship and achieving top grades.
He added: 'My email was a generic one to all students, to try to dissuade them from being in a teenage relationship.'
'I do not tell children that having a relationship is wrong. My email clearly said that having a relationship whilst at school is unnecessary and damaging to their education.
'Pupils will not be summarily expelled for being in a relationship. They will be given the opportunity to review their current romantic situation, and my belief is that they (and their parents) will put their education first.'
Belfield also admitted he had found romance in school in his day, adding: 'But I am now 45, and getting into top-ranking universities in 2018 is completely different, and arguably far more competitive, than in 1991.
'This is the primary objective of the school - to enable them to fulfil +their academic potential and go to the best universities in the world.'

Woman dragged out of car, raped in front of husband, brother-in-law

A 22-year-old woman was dragged out of a car and raped in front of her husband and brother-in-law who were held at gunpoint in the northern Indian state of Haryana, the police said on Tuesday.
The incident, according to police, took place Sunday night in Sector 56 of Gurugram on the outskirts of New Delhi.Police said they had arrested four people in this connection.A police official said: “on Sunday night a woman, her husband and brother-in-law were returning from a function in a car.
“When they stopped near the business park tower, the woman’s husband got out of the car to use the toilet.
“Suddenly two cars stopped near them and four men came out and dragged the woman out of the car.
“One of the men took the woman and raped her while others held her husband and her brother-in-law at gunpoint.”
Reports said before running away, the men warned the woman and her husband against reporting the incident to the police.
This is the latest incident of rape horror that emerged in the state.
Recently two incidents of young girls being raped and killed were reported in Haryana.
Sexual attacks on women and girls in India put a question mark on their safety and efficiency of the police force in the country.
In December 2012, a fatal gang-rape of a medical student in New Delhi brought the spotlight on crimes against women in India.
The incident saw huge protests and resulted in new anti-rape laws in the country. However, brutal sexual attacks against women continue to be reported across India.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Man severs wife’s hand for overstaying at funeral

A Kenyan lady and mother of nine, Maria Musa, is nursing serious injuries at a hospital after her husband, Musa Matiko, allegedly chopped off her hand because she overstayed at a funeral.
The 50-year-old Kenyan told The Standard that she went for a funeral on Monday at the home of one of her in-laws, thinking that the burial would take place on that day but it delayed until Wednesday.
She said, “I stayed at the funeral for three days and left on the fourth.
“When I got home, he asked me who I thought was supposed to be cooking for him on the three days I was away.
“Previously, whenever we fought, he would beat me up with a rod, but on that day, he beat me up with a machete.”
Stating her ordeals in the hands of her husband and his family members, she said after the attack, her husband and his family members who were present left her on the scene helpless till her relative who was also around, came to her rescue.
“They refused to report the matter to the police. I passed out and gained consciousness at the hospital after my nephew brought me here,” she said.
The couple’s daughter, Catherine Musa, who is a first year student at Msomi Teachers Training College, said her mother has been the family’s sole breadwinner and was the one who tended to the needs of her eight other siblings, five of whom are spread between high school and colleges.
“I was in school when I received a call after the incident, so I left the following morning to come see my mother.
“She is in such a bad state I’ve had to put my studies on pause to be with her at the hospital,” said Catherine.
Maria, who is still at the hospital groaning in pain, is now appealing to the police to arrest and charge her husband with the heinous crime which has left her disabled.
The police, however, through the police commander, Joseph Nthenge, said the matter had not been reported to any police station.
“We cannot investigate a case when there are no complainants. The family has decided to keep it, covered but we will ensure justice prevails,” he said.

Kenyan Doctor moves to legalise female genital mutilation, goes to court

A Kenyan doctor is seeking to legalise female genital mutilation (FGM), arguing that a ban on the internationally condemned practice is unconstitutional and that adult women should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies.
Tatu Kamau filed a petition in the Machakos High Court in eastern Kenya on Wednesday claiming that women are being harassed and arrested for undergoing FGM."If women can decide to drink, to smoke, women can join the army, women can do all sorts of things that might bring them harm or injury, and yet they are allowed to make that decision," Kamau told Kenya Television News (KTN).
“I think that even for the decision of female circumcision, a woman can make that decision. And once she has made that decision, she should be able to access the best medical care to have it done.”
An estimated 200 million girls and women worldwide have undergone FGM, which usually involves the partial or total removal of the female genitalia and can cause a host of serious health problems, say health experts.
The ancient ritual - practised in at least 27 African countries and parts of Asia and the Middle East - is usually carried out by traditional cutters, often using unsterilised blades or knives.
In some cases, girls can bleed to death or die from infections. FGM can also cause fatal childbirth complications later in life, add health experts.
Kenya outlawed the practice in 2011, but it continues as communities believe it is necessary for social acceptance and increasing their daughters' marriage prospects. One in five women and girls between 15 and 49 years in Kenya have undergone FGM, says the United Nations.
Kamau’s petition has sparked criticism from women’s rights campaigners who said overturning the ban would be a regressive step, setting back decades of gains made to improve the sexual and reproductive health of Kenya’s women and girls.
“I actually think it’s one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard, and it’s even more shocking that it is coming from a medical doctor,” said Njoki Njehu from the charity Daughters of Mumbi Global Resource Center.
“Everything we know about FGM is that it has no benefit and causes a great deal of harm. We also know the majority of those who undergo FGM are young girls, not adults. We - all women’s rights groups - are ready to fight this if it comes to that.”
The petition is expected to heard by the court on Feb. 26.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Women reject me because of my manhood size –Actor

Ghanaian actor, Don Little, who is often referred to as ‘Ghanaian Aki’ by Nigerians, has said that women reject him because of the size of his manhood.
The actor revealed this in an interview with Adom TV, a Ghanaian Television station.
He said, “Women reject me because of my manhood size. They claim it is too short and does not give them the satisfaction they want.”
The actor, however, claimed he has slept with about five ladies who are taller than him but the complaints had always been the same.
This notwithstanding, Don Little is optimistic that he will someday get a woman of his dream who will love him and accept him for who he is.

Nigerian banker deliver a baby boy aboard Air France going to New York

A Nigerian 41-year-old banker, Toyin Ogundipe, was delivered of a baby boy mid-air aboard an Air France flight, one hours away from her destination.
The mother of two who lives in the UK had gone into labour a week earlier than her delivery date, and was in childbirth pains and having contractions about 10 minutes apart.
The baby, who was named Jake, was delivered after a 30-minute labour,
A second-year urology resident Doctor, Sij Hemal, who was also a passenger in the plane, helped with the delivery of the baby half-way through an eight-hour flight from Paris to New York.
Dr. Hemal, said he was just glad everything went smoothly — and was relieved it all happened before he’d had any champagne.
He said, “We’re trained to stay calm and think clearly in emergency situations. I just tried to think ahead to what might go wrong and come up with a creative solution.”
While talking about his fear, he mentioned that his biggest fear was that the mother could die from bleeding or shock after birth.
But looking back, he insists it all went as well as it could have done.
“I thought I’d just have a drink and fall asleep. As it turned out, I’m glad I didn’t drink anything,” he said.
Dr. Hemal, who had been on vacation in New Dehli, India, was flying coach class via Paris and New York on his way back to Cleveland, Ohio, on December 17.
Coincidentally, when the flight attendants came to ask him for advice, the urologist at Cleveland Clinic’s Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute discovered he was seated next to Dr. Stefanie Ortolan, a pediatrician from France.
The pair were ushered over to Ogundipe, also in coach, who was complaining of chest pains and dizziness.
Ogundipe was in labour and having contractions about 10 minutes apart.
While the flight attendants took care of Ogundipe’s four-year-old daughter, Amy, the doctors used instruments and supplies in the flight’s medical kit to routinely check her blood pressure, oxygen rate, and pulse.Within an hour, the contractions were coming more frequently, occurring seven, then five and finally two minutes apart.
“My initial plan was to monitor her and her vitals, but we did a cervical exam and that’s when her water broke,” he said.
“That’s when we knew we were going to deliver on the plane,” Dr. Hemal added.

‘My childhood friend told me he’s having affair with my wife’

An Ekiti based man, Lamidi Adebayo has dragged his wife before a Customary Court seeking divorce on the ground that the wife was sleeping with his childhood friend, an herbalist.
Adebayo, 48, a commercial driver accused his wife, Bose of adultery, drunkenness and dishonesty.
Adebayo, who has been married with Bose for 28 years said he was shocked when his childhood friend named Lateef, an herbalist confessed to him of having secret affairs with his wife.
“I was shocked on November 7, 2017 when my childhood friend, named Lateef, a herbalist, invited me to his house and told me that I should forgive him that ‎he has been having secret affairs with my wife.
“He told me that my wife told him that her husband had died a long time ago, whereas am still very much alive,” he said.
He said though their marriage was not formally contracted, but they have four children together.
He further told the court that his neighbours had informed him several times that his wife and one of her friends were “touring the houses of men” but he never believed the information.
The petitioner also alleged that the respondent ‎was a drunkard who takes gin, assorted wines and palm wine to stupor every morning.
Lamidi said he had tried every possible means ‎to stop his wife’s adulterous act and drunkenness but to no avail.
The petitioner, therefore, urged the court to dissolve the marriage because of her behaviour and dishonesty.
The plea of the woman was not immediately taken, but the ‎President of the Court, Olayinka Akomolede, after hearing the petitioner’s testimony adjourned the case to Feb.15, for further hearing.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

UK prime minister, Theresa May appoints Crouch minister for loneliness

The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May has appointed Tracey Crouch as the country’s minister for loneliness.
Crouch is the current junior minister for sport and civil society.
The appointment is one of the recommendations made by a commission set up in honour of Jo Cox, a Labour MP.
Cox, who campaigned about loneliness, was murdered by a right-wing extremist in 2016.
The government said it would develop a strategy on the issue, gather more evidence and statistics, and provide funding for community groups to start activities which connect people.
The prime minister is expected to formally announce the appointment on Wednesday and say she has accepted many of the recommendations made by the commission.
“For far too many people, loneliness is the sad reality of modern life,” May said.
“I want to confront this challenge for our society and for all of us to take action to address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved ones – people who have no one to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences with.”

10 reasons why your partner might cheat on you

With the amount of stress that inevitably comes from extended periods of time spent with family over the holidays, many men and women stray from their marriages in the new year.And while the summer holidays do place extra pressure on relationships, there are a number of other reasons why people choose to embark on an affair as well.Here, Love Honey Australia's dating expert, Tracey Cox, has revealed the top 10 reasons why men and women cheat - from furious 'revenge' to attempting to 'support' their marriage.
'This affair is not about being madly besotted with someone else, it's done as a last bid attempt to wake up their partner sexually and romantically,' Ms Cox, said.
'The spouse finds out, they're upset, devastated... but suddenly they appreciate their partner and sex is hot again.
'Most of these affairs die a natural death and some do achieve the desired result - the marriage can actually get better.
'In other cases, the attempt to heat things up ends up causing a fire that destroys the lot.'
This is the most common affair for females.
'They're doing it because certain emotional and sexual needs aren't being met in the marriage,' Ms Cox said.
'They compare their new lover to their husband to see if they're missing out.
'If this is you, you did this for a reason, now make a decision. If you're happier with the new person, leave. If you're not, finish it and put your energy back into your marriage.'
Ms Cox describes this kind of affair as an 'exit affair'.
These people take up a lover with the hope that their partner will find out about it and would be 'secretly relieved' if they did.
'If this is you, leave. Don't pretend to yourself or your lover that you're leaving for them, you're not,' Ms Cox said.
These people are 'happy with their marriage but bored or sexually unfulfilled', according to Tracey.
'They have no desire to leave but need the excitement an affair provides.
Another circumstance is that there's some reason their partner can't have sex (like illness) or they don't want to leave the marriage because of children or finances.
'These are called "stabilising" affairs or "three-legged stools" - with just two legs a stool would fall over, with three it's stable.
'If this is you, this actually works for lots of people but there's a huge risk involved because the longer an affair lasts, the more likely you are to get found out.'
A lot of people will seek out an extramarital partner to get revenge on their spouse for having an affair.
'If this is you and if it's your only motive, you've achieved your aim,' Ms Cox said.
'Stop it now - and don't even think about telling your partner, no matter how sweet that revenge might be.'
'Do I need to say more?' Tracey said.
'If this is you, buy the sports car and skip the affair.
'It's a lot cheaper on so many levels.'
These people 'know they should either leave or face their problems but instead they have a fling to distract themselves'.
'If this is you, make a choice to leave or stay and work at it,' Ms Cox said.
'You're hurting everyone more by lingering in no-man's land.'
These people believe they 'deserve' an affair because they've been such a 'great' spouse or parent.
'Lots of people indulge this one by having a "safe" one night encounter where the chances of getting found out are minimal. Trouble is, it turns into two nights, then three,' Ms Cox said.
'If this is you, you've had your "treat", now stop it.
'Your partner's not meeting a certain need. It might be sex you're lacking or it might be affection, you're feeling taken for granted.'Once you get the need met by a lover, you'll know just how important it is to you. If it wasn't that crucial, stop the affair. If it was, leave.'
If a man or woman has never had a threesome or has a quirk or fetish they'd like to act out, they will often stray from the marriage due to fear of embarrassment.
'It seems safer to try it outside the marriage,' Ms Cox said.
'If this is you, sometimes doing it once gets it out the way.
'Other times, it reveals just how important it is. Are you sure your partner can't provide what you crave? If you intend leaving unless they do, you've got nothing to lose by asking.'
Many men or women simply want to see if they've still got 'it'.
'If this is you and you don't get found out and it's a relatively short affair, the confidence boost can actually renew the relationship,' Ms Cox said.
'It's a bloody risky way to boost your ego. Wouldn't a new haircut and slinky dress do the job?'
Other reasons why people stray for their ego is to see if they can 'trade up'.
'You see it all the time when people become famous - the dutiful partner who helped them get there is rather rudely shoved aside for a sparkly young pert model,' Ms Cox said.
'If this is you, they might be 'better' in society's eyes but plenty of people miss the 'old model' more than they expect they would.'

Ghanaian girls banned from going to school, crossing river while menstrating

A ban on schoolgirls in Ghana crossing a river when menstruating - and on Tuesdays - has been condemned by child rights activists.
The ban, apparently issued by a local river god, means girls in Ghana’s Upper Denkyira East district could miss out on their education during their period as they have to cross the River Ofin to get to school, the BBC reported.
“These girls need to cross the river to get to their school, so banning them from doing this is a violation of their rights,” said Asum-Kwarteng Ahensah, country director for child rights group Plan International Ghana.
“We have seen girls being excluded from public gatherings when they are menstruating as they are deemed ‘dirty’.”
One in 10 African girls miss school during their periods, the U.N. children’s agency UNICEF estimates, which means they fall behind in their studies and often drop out of school.
“There seems to be a systematic trend, sadly replicated across Africa, to stop girls from accessing education, which is essential for the development of the nation,” Faiza Mohamed, Africa director of rights charity Equality Now, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
UNICEF’s menstrual hygiene ambassador, Shamima Muslim Alhassan, told BBC Pidgin that the directive in Ghana violated girls’ rights to education.
“Sometimes I think that we need to ask for some form of accountability from these gods who continue to bar a lot of things from happening,” she was quoted as saying.
Myths and taboos surround menstruation around the world. In India, menstruating women and girls are often considered unclean and impure and are subjected to discrimination during their periods when, for example, they may not be allowed to go to the temple, or prepare and touch certain food.

Police says man disguises as 'mad man' arrested with toy gun, PoS, phone, two ID

A twenty five years old, suspected robber, Olayinka Ogundamiro, who allegedly disguised as a mentally derailed person, has been arrested by the Nigerian Police.
Ogundamiro was arrested on Monday in Ikeja area of Lagos State, with two bags containing a Tecno phone, a PoS terminal, tokens, a toy gun, a bunch of keys, a live tortoise and a laptop charger, among others.According to a report by PUNCH Metro, residents of the area became suspicious of Ogundamiro’s movements around the neighborhood and alerted the police and he was consequently arrested.

He reportedly threw away a SIM card found on him as some policemen approached the area to arrest him.
Ogundamiro was paraded on Tuesday at the state police command headquarters in Ikeja by the Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi.
A policeman from the station, who was at the parade, said several calls had come into the suspect’s Techno phone, saying he was merely pretending to be mad.
In an interview with newsmen, the suspect gave his personal details and insisted that he was not insane.
The suspect, who also identified himself as a Rastafarian, said the claim that he disguised as a mad man “was a big exaggeration.”
He, however, spoke incoherently afterwards.
The CP, Imohimi, said operatives swooped on Ogundamiro after closely observing him, adding that his display of lunacy was concocted.
He said, “A suspected robber who disguised around town as a mad man was caught on Monday around 3pm. When he was arrested and searched, the following items were recovered from him: a toy pistol, a PoS terminal, three tokens belonging to First Bank and Zenith Bank, two ID cards, a bunch of keys, a live tortoise, a Tecno phone, bangles, chains, a laptop charger and wristwatches.
“He could not give a satisfactory account of himself and why he had all the items in his possession. Investigation is ongoing and he will be charged to court.”

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

It's official: President Trump is overweight with BMI of 29.9, takes daily anti-baldness pills

President Donald Trump is officially overweight, his physician revealed Tuesday.
Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House physician who also served Barack Obama, declared Trump to be in 'excellent health' but he advised him to improve his diet and exercise.

'He has a lot of energy and a lot of stamina,' Jackson said of the 71-year-old-president.
According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and the CDC is teetering on the edge of obesity at 239 pounds and a height of 6 feet 3 inches, giving him a BMI of 29.9.
The president is cognitively sound, though Jackson said, after giving Trump an assessment that screens for issues like Alzheimer's, saying that he believes the president to be mentally 'sharp' and 'intact.'
Trump's cognitive assessment came at the president's request, Jackson told White House reporters during a televised briefing.
'I had absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability or his – you know, his neurological function. So I was not going to do a cognitive exam. I had no intention of doing one,' Jackson recalled.
He scored a 30/30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test, Jackson said, and there was 'no indication that he has cognitive issues.'
'He's very sharp. He's very articulate when he speaks to me,' Jackson said.
Trump does not drink alcohol, he confirmed, does not use tobacco products and does not abuse drugs.
In terms of medications, he continues to take Propecia for male hair loss, one for Rosacea and a multivitamin.
President Trump had a weight of 239 pounds and a height of 75 inches, Jackson said, making him 6 feet 3 inches. That makes him overweight at best by industry standards.
One pound heavier at the same height and Trump would be categorized as obese.
He does not have a dedicated or defined exercise program, Jackson admitted.
'We can build on that pretty easily,' he joked.
Jackson said he will recommend a low-impact exercise routine like a stationary bike for him.
Trump also plays frequent rounds of golf, which Jackson said contains a 'certain amount' of exercise.
Despite his sedentary lifestyle, Jackson gave Trump a glowing review after spending several hours with him on Friday, saying that life-long abstinence from tobacco and alcohol had contributed to his good health.
'He has incredibly good genes,' Jackson also said. 'That's the way God made him.'
Jackson further said that Trump does not have a drug addiction of any type.
Trump is known to have indulged in McDonalds and other fast food on the campaign trail - but Jackson said he has changed his habits since becoming president and has been eating healthier.
On Air Force One, for instance, Jackson says he's watched Trump eat the meals that everyone else does on the plane, and they tend to be on the healthier side, with the exception of the desserts.
As far as sleep is concerned, Jackson said he believes that Trump only rests for four - five hours a night, which he considers to fine in the president's case.
'He's probably been that way his whole life,' Jackson said. 'That's probably why he's been successful'
Jackson's stellar review of President Trump is likely to take his critics - who have been claiming he is mentally unfit for office - by surprise, particularly as they have insisted he shows signs of dementia, Alzheimer's and other cognitive deterioration.
The White House physician said several times that there was nothing he was holding back, and that neither Trump nor his aides had coached him on what to say.
'I can promise you there's absolutely nothing that I'm withholding,' he asserted.
Jackson said he did not check to see if Trump had bone spurs, a condition that warranted a draft deferment in Vietnam, because the president did not bring it up as an ailment.
An incident involving Trump urgently needing a glass of water and another one in which he slurred his speech are nothing to be alarmed by, Jackson said.
One working theory had been that Trump has dentures, but Jackson said that's not the case. Jackson said the water-gulping incident was caused by a dosage of Sudafed that must have dried out Trump's sinuses.
'I think he will remain fit for duty for the remainder of this term and even for the remainder of another term if he’s elected,' Jackson said.

Hemp gives me strength – Labourer tells Court

An ex-convict, Peter Bitrus, on Tuesday told a Kubwa Grade 1 Area Court that he could not do without hemp smoking, saying it is my source of strength to work.
Bitrus, who is residing in Kubwa area of Abuja, had sometime been convicted by another court for the same offence.
He, however, pleaded guilty to a charge of public nuisance, urging the court to have mercy on him.
Bitrus told the court that he would have dumped the habit since, “but hemp smoking strengthened me to work as a labourer’’. ‎
‎According to him, I am ready to go back to my hometown in Kagarko, Kaduna State and I will not smoke hemp again, if acquitted.
The Judge, Mohammed Marafa, said that Bitrus looked remorseful and worrisome, but must be punished to deter others.
Marafa added that Bitrus had been convicted for the same offence sometimes ago.
The judge, therefore, sentenced Bitrus to two months in prison with an option of N10, 000 fine.
He also ordered that Bitrus, being an ex-convict, should be given five strokes of cane.
The prosecutor, Babajide Olanipekun, had told the court that Bitrus was found at a black spot on Dec. 26 in Quarry Estate, Kubwa area of Abuja, smoking hemp.
He said that as a result, Bitrus had caused nuisance to members of the public and that the offence contravened Section 198 of the Penal Code.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Welcome Third Child Via Surrogate

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have welcomed a new baby girl into the world via a surrogate.
Kardashian West took to her website Tuesday morning to announce the birth of their third child in a post titled, “She’s here!”
The baby girl, whose name has not yet been revealed, was born Monday, Jan. 15, at 12:47 a.m., weighing 7 lbs., 6 oz.
“Kanye and I are happy to announce the arrival of our healthy, beautiful baby girl,” Kardashian West wrote. “We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give and to our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care.”
Kardashian West, 37, was in the delivery room during the birth, which took place at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, TMZ reported.
The couple already has two children, 4-year-old daughter North and their son, Saint, 2.
“North and Saint are especially thrilled to welcome their baby sister,” Kardashian West added.
Doctors had warned Kardashian West that it would be too risky for her to carry a third child after she experienced placenta accreta, a condition that occurs when the placenta does not detach after a child is born, with her first two children.

Two women dressed as Catholic nuns rob bank

Two women who dressed as nuns have been arrested as they robbed a bank.

The two women had entered a Citizens Bank branch in Pennsylvania, United States of America, pretending to want to transact business.
However, genuine customers and bank officials were surprised when the supposed nuns went ahead to rob the bank.
One of the women was later identified as a 23-year-old immigrant from Dominican Republic, Melisa Aquino Arias; and her accomplice, 19-year-old Swahilys Pedraza-Rodriguez, is from New Haven.
The police are on their case, online medium, Inside Edition, reports.

'I am not with child, I am with pot belly': BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern's hilarious response to viewers

BBC presenter Steph McGovern hilariously responded to viewers who mistakenly congratulated her on being pregnant.
The Breakfast presenter, who was discussing the collapse of British firm Carillion, received tweets from viewers who thought she was expecting a child.
But Miss McGovern, one of the Breakfast show regulars and a leading financial journalist, quipped: 'I am not with child, I am with pot belly.'
One person had tweeted her directly, simply writing: 'Congratulations!'
Another, Peter Felton, said: 'I thought you were with child too. Then I thought maybe it's beer belly.'
While another joked at the well known Middlesbrough F.C. fan: 'Too many pies at the footie', which Miss McGovern then 'favourited' - seeming to suggest she approved of the post.
Following her hilarious Tweet, social media users flocked to Twitter to congratulate her on her cheeky response.
Rob said: 'Congratulations on enjoying food and being thoroughly nice and normal.'
Defending her, Saeed Khan said: 'Gosh, people can be so brutal, especially in the public eye.'
Adding: Let's face it, we all are carrying a few extra pounds after crimbo.'
Miss McGovern has become an audience favourite in recent years thanks to her insightful financial reporting and jovial personality.
The financial journalist studied Science Communication and Policy at UCL before working on the BBC's Tomorrows World programme.
She went on to produce daily financial news packages on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 and in 2012 made her debut presenting BBC Breakfast.

Man robs bank, uses money to buy engagement ring for girlfriend

A man has been arrested for allegedly robbing two banks of thousands of dollars, which he is believed to have used to buy an engagement ring for his fiancée, police said.
The Ohio man walked into the Fifth Third Bank in Trenton on December 16 and handed a piece of paper to the teller that indicated he had a bomb strapped to him and that he wanted $20,000, according to an affidavit filed by police in court that was obtained by the Middletown Journal-News.
The man left with $8,800, cops said.

Surveillance photos released by police showed the suspect was wearing an orange Titleist cap, mirror sunglasses and a two-tone gray Columbia jacket.
On December 22, a man wearing the same jacket and a Titleist hat robbed a U.S. Bank location after saying he had a bomb strapped to his body, the affidavit said.
Police appealed for the public’s help on their Facebook page, and numerous tips came in identifying the suspect as Dustin Pedersen, according to the document.
In addition, images on Pedersen’s own Facebook page also show him wearing the same hat worn in both robberies, officials said.
Pedersen proposed to his girlfriend one day after the December 16 bank robbery, police said.
He bought an engagement ring for about $4,500 less than an hour after the first robbery, officials said.
Pedersen was charged with aggravated robbery for the December 16 incident. He pleaded not guilty.
A warrant has been issued in connection with the December 22 robbery.
He appeared in court for a preliminary hearing, where police said they found the sunglasses, gloves and hat — believed to be worn in the robberies — in Pedersen’s car.
Pedersen reportedly denied robbing any banks, but told police that surveillance photos of the robber look like him.
He has been held in the Middletown City Jail since December 16 on $250,000 bond, and will await grand jury consideration of his case at the Butler County Jail.

Man cries out as wife gets pregnant for uncle

A heartbroken man Luke Mareya, from Harare, Zimbabwe, has accused his wife of having been impregnated by her own uncle. According to H-Metro...

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